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 Yankee PS-M12
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Yankee PS-M12

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Yankee Yankee PS-M12

Yankee PS-M12 PS-M12 is a professional guitar effects power supply, suitable for devices with following power requirements: 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC, 24V DC, 9V AC or 12V AC . Manufactured in Poland by experienced specialists, PS-MO is a combination of proffesional electronic solutions, brilliant design and affordable price. PS-M12 offers 8 outputs, split into three separate sections. The first section has five 9V DC outputs with maximum voltage of 900 mA. The second section has two outputs. Each of them can be manually set to output either 12V DC, 18V DC or 24V DC with maximum voltage of 600 mA. The third section is made of two AC outputs (9V AC and 12V AC). Only one output can be used at a time. The section outputs 1200 mA. An addtional USB output (5V) can power an USB lamp (very useful on dark stages) or any USBpowered device, such as portable media players. The design is based on a toroidal transformer which produces high-quality output voltage and reduces interferences. Our power supply also features a voltage regulator (compensating for the fluctuations in the electric current entering the unit), a very efficient voltage filter, overvoltage protection (shielding the unit from short circuits when a plug gets in contact with the housing) and overheat protection system (limiting the power when the unit reaches or exceeds the temperature limit). All the elements are assembled together in a sturdy, metal housing. PS-MO can be easily attached to a pedalboard with mounts, designed for that purpose. Outputs: 3 isolated sections: – Iso 1 - 900 mA max. - 5 x 9VDC – Iso 2 - 600 mA max. - 1 x 6 VDC 12VDC, 18VDC or 24VDC 1x 9VDC, 12 VDC, 15 VDC or 18 VDC – Iso 3 - 1200 mA max - 1 x 9V AC and 1x 12V AC – USB output Yankee Ps-M12 comes with: – 5 x 0,5m standard cable (5,5x2,1mm) – 2 x 0,25m standard cable (5,5x2,1mm) – 1 x 0,5m cable (5,5x2,5mm) – 1 x battery cable – 1 x mini-jack cable – USB Lamp Dimensions: 42/130/85mm (height/width/depth) Weight: 1kg User Manual

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