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 Ultra Chorus II
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DLS Effects

Ultra Chorus II

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DLS Effects Ultra Chorus II

DLS has once again designed one of the warmest chorus effects in the industry! The Ultra ChorusII is two chorus units in one. The musician can preset both chorus channels and switch between the two on the fly! A Blend control allows the musician to mix as much analog instrument with our wonderful chorusing sound. As with all DLS Effects, the analog instrument always stays analog! Choose from any hookup option (Mono in-Mono Out, or Mono in-Stereo Out, or Stereo in-Stereo Out). Internal trim pots allow the musician to dial in levels of InputA-OutputA, InputB-OutputB and Chorus Regeneration to taste. The Ultra ChorusII is truly one of the sweetest sounding and most powerful chorus effects on the market today. It’s quiet, pristine, versatile, and allows the musician to dial in the sound they are after. DLS effects are extremely well constructed using a heavy steel enclosure, steel switches, steel pots, and a beautiful powder coating to withstand every road environment. Features: -Extremely warm, and versatile sounds -Analog instrument signal is maintained and mixed with the Chorus effect. -Stereo output for lush, full chorus effects -Two separate Chorus sections that can be preset and Footswitch selected, on the fly -7 positions of selectable Delay for a multitude of chorus sounds -Multiple controls allow the musician to control their own sound -Custom-designed electronics -Designed and manufactured in the USA by engineers who are also musicians -Rugged all-steel enclosure, steel pots and steel jacks -Every effect is tested by an engineer/musician -True Bypass Switching -9vdc input, any polarity (worry-free if using your 9volt pedal board supply) Controls: Blend: Controls the blending of Chorus effects with straight instrument (straight instrument stays analog) Chorus1 Rate, Chorus1 Depth: Controls rate and depth of Chorus 1 section Chorus2 Rate, Chorus2 Depth: Controls rate and depth of Chorus 2 section Chorus1 LED: Blinks at to the Chorus1 Rate Chorus2 LED: Blinks at to the Chorus2 Rate Chorus2/Chorus1 Footswitch: Selects between Chorus 2 and Chorus 1 sections Delay Scale: 7 delay selections to widen or narrow the chorusing sound Two inputs and two outputs for: Mono in-Mono Out, or Mono in-Stereo Out, or Stereo in-Stereo Out (all ¼" steel jacks) True Bypass On/Off Switch: Engages the effect when On (green LED will light), True bypass when Off. Internal INA Pot: Adjusts the gain level of Input A Internal OUTA Pot: Adjusts the volume of OUTA Internal INB Pot: Adjusts the gain level of Input B Internal OUTB Pot: Adjusts the volume of OUTB Internal CHORUS REGEN Pot: CCW for swirly chorus, CW for dry chorus Electronics: Technology: Custom hybrid consisting of pure analog circuitry combined with and 16bit digital electronics. This unique circuitry has allowed the warmth of analog to be blended with the power of digital! Sample rate: 44.1KHZ, 256x oversample. Outputs: Output A (Normal) Output B (Slightly Brighter) Power: 9vdc, 130ma, 2.1mm jack, (+9vdc to +14vdc may be used, 130ma minimum.) *Our internal circuit will accommodate any polarity of input jack. Mechanical: Enclosure: Solid heavy gauge steel 5.5"W x 4.9"D x 2.4"H Controls: Steel switches, pots, and ¼" jacks Weight: 2½ lbs. Soundclip 1: Soundclip 2: Soundclip 3: Soundclip 4: User Manual

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