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 Two Amps To Cabinet and FX Loop Switcher
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Two Amps To Cabinet and FX Loop Switcher

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N-AUDIO Two Amps To Cabinet and FX Loop Switcher

Two Amps To Cabinet Switcher STEREO Set Kann auch über MIDI angesteuert werden !! Introducing the Two Amps To Cabinet Switcher – a versatile routing system with numerous capabilities including FX-Loop. Its main function lies in toggling between two amplifiers and a single speaker cabinet. Amplifier switching becomes effortless via the footswitch or MIDI while playing. The passive signal routing is built on top-notch relays and lacks active components. This ensures complete electrical isolation for the connected amplifiers, eliminating any possibility of ground loops. The result is a pure, transparent sound, unaffected by coloration or the interference of ground loops. Whether you are a musician, a sound engineer, or a home studio owner, the N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet amplifier cabinet switcher is a reliable and flexible solution that delivers outstanding results. This amplifier cabinet switcher is compatible with all amplifier types, including tube amplifiers, solid-state amplifiers, and bridged mono (floating outputs) amplifiers. It offers robust hardware protections, including dummy loads for the non-working amplifier, ensuring that your amplifiers stay safe. Features: -No sound degradation, hum, noise or latency. -A new circuit minimizes switching pops when toggling between the amplifiers. -Full galvanic isolation between the amplifiers. -Guarantee 100% amplifier protection: Grounded input and loaded output for unused amplifiers. -Passive relay switching: No active components for a clean signal path. -MIDI control: External control for added convenience. -Universal compatibility: Works with any tube, solid-state, and mono-bridge amplifiers like Kemper, Orange Micro Terror, BIAS, JOYO Bantamp, and more. -Flexable switching: Supports flexibility including FX-Loop switching, MONO or STEREO amp switching, and switching between two cabinets. -The N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet is a reliable switching system supported several devices for your specific requirements. -This STEREO set features two relay units and a foot controller and the new FX-Loop unit !! Needs: 9-12VDC 350mA Center Negative

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