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Walrus Audio


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Walrus Audio Monumental

Monumental Features: -Stereo version of Walrus Audio’s “Monument” Harmonic Tremolo with new controls and features -Analog, optical tremolo delivering lush, warm modulation -Stereo input and output -Blend between harmonic and standard tremolo in stereo -3 on-board presets with an additional live mode -Controls: Volume, Shape, Pan, Rate, Depth, S-B-H (Standard/ Harmonic tremolo blend), tap divisions, bypass, tap/ramp -6 LFO waveshape options: sine, square, saw, ramp, bump, random -Pan control allows the tremolo to sweep from left to right -S-B-H control to blend from standard to harmonic tremolo modes (“Standard – Blended – Harmonic”) -Harmonic Mode offsets high and low frequencies: when high is “on”, low is “off”, and vice versa -Experiment with “S-B-H” and “Pan” for polyrhythmic effects -5 LFO subdivision options: quarter note, quarter note triplet, eighth note, eighth note triplet, sixteenth note -“Rate” sets the speed of the LFO -“Depth” controls the intensity of the tremolo effect -Use “Tap” switch to set the rate of the LFO -Tap the “Tap” switch once to reset the starting point of the LFO -Press and hold the “Tap” switch to engage the ramp feature -Ramp up or down (ramp location controlled via rate control) to achieve “Leslie” style ramp from your current rate -3 operation modes: Mono In/Mono Out, Mono In/Stereo Out, Stereo In/Stereo Out -Tap/Exp to connect external tap tempo control or expression pedal -Full expression control over every parameter with an external expression pedal -True Bypass design -Made in the USA Needs: 9-12VDC 100mA Center Negativ

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