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 Germanium Preamp
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Benson Amps

Germanium Preamp

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Benson Amps Germanium Preamp

Germanium Preamp This pedal is based on our now famous amp-in-a-box Preamp pedal with one important tweak: the replacement of the first FET transistor with a germanium gain stage - stolen from our servo-biased Germanium Boost pedal which is ideal as a versatile gain stage since it reliably imparts a germanium tonality, mostly doesn’t care about temperature, and doesn’t affect frequency response. The result is an alternate universe take on our flagship pedal that marries the incomparable feel of the germanium with the careful equalization and tone controls of the preamp pedal. The result is a slightly lower gain, but richer sounding and feeling overdrive/boost/fuzz/whatever we really, really dig. We hope you like it! Beware: Germanium stops passing music at 120 Degrees Farenheit / 48 Degrees Celcius - like a very hot stage !! Controls: -Gain (distortion) -Treble (low pass filter) -Bass (high pass filter) -Volume Needs: 9VDC 50mA Center Negative

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