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 Dark Light
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Dark Light

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Light

Dark Light Limited Edition of 2000 units worldwide !! Dark Light is a dual reverb featuring both Dark Star and Sunlight. With all the routing options you could want, including separate stereo, parallel mono, and series mono, Dark Light takes Dark Star’s dark pitch shifted, delayed, and bit crushed reverb voices and Sunlight’s bright modulated, comb filtered, and bandpassed reverb voices and combines them into one massive sound to take your time and drift away in. Each pedal maintains its core sound and control set, then expands from there. Controls: -Wet and Dry volumes for each side (replacing the previous Mix control) -Spread to set the stereo spread, allowing Dark Star and Sunlight to blend into each other’s outputs -Hold switch to create indefinite reverb trails while the pedal is engaged -Hold toggle to choose between holding Dark Star, Sunlight, or both -Exp jack to control any combination of Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, Decay, Decay, Rate, Depth, or Input with an external expression controller -Independent In and Out routing for each pedal, with automatic parallel mono when plugging into only one -Soft-touch Bypass footswitches for true bypass and minimal switch noise -The Dark Light manual is forthcoming as we finalize the design - check back here for more details in the future. -The art of Dark Light is by Jon Carling. Needs: 9VDC 200mA Center Negative

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