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 Battery Box
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Battery Box

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KingTone Battery Box

Battery Box For 4 x 9V-Block-Batteries !! The Kingtone Battery Box: Power your pedals with batteries for improved tone and reduced noise. Running your pedals from batteries improves tone and reduces noise. The Kingtone Battery Box connects your batteries to your pedals with no components in-between, just battery directly connected to the pedal. Most other battery boxes use diodes or transistors to switch the batteries on and off, we use relays so there is no loss of voltage or tone. You no longer have to worry about unplugging your pedals to save batteries, the batteries are automatically connected and disconnected when you power up, or power down your pedalboard. Red and White LEDs clearly show when a battery is full or running low. The batteries can be changed in as little as 3 seconds, just pull the old one out and pop the new one in, no screws, no lids, no hassle. The battery box is fully isolated so you can mix and match positive ground pedals with negative ground pedals. Finally, the Kingtone Battery Box has a tiny foot print and will take up to four 9 volt batteries. Features: -Four x 9v Battery Slots -Fully Isolated. Allows You To Mix Positive and Negative Ground Pedals -Automatically Connects And Disconnects The Batteries -Red and White LEDs Clearly Show The Current Status of The Batteries -Quick Change, Batteries Can Be Swapped Out In Seconds -CNC Machined Aluminum Case -Laser Engraved Control Panel Needs: 9VDC 50mA Center Negative

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