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Mr.Black Orro

Orro A relic from the vault! Designed in 2011 as balanced stand-alone overdrive, the Orro was never released and instead shelved in favor of the SuperMoon and all that followed. We are VERY excited to have rediscovered this wonderful circuit, and wouldn't you know it? Its just as good as we remember! While the Orro's circuit is not like anything else out there, the closest tonal relative/ reference-point would be the classic Marshall Blues Breaker circuit, and although topologically the two are pretty far apart from one another, they do share some similar tonal characteristics and feel. Imagine a good Blues Breaker with more gain on tap, a wonderfully balanced Tone control and all the output you could ever need, then add ideally-matched input and output impedances, true-bypass, a saucy gold powder-coat and graphics that your mother will love and you're getting warmer. Try the Orro today; you may have just struck gold! Needs: 9VDC 50mA Center Negative

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