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Morningstar Engineering


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Morningstar Engineering ML10X

ML10X Works in MONO or STEREO !! STEREO REORDERABLE SWITCHER THERE'S A NEW ORDER Say hello to the world’s most compact reorderable audio loop switcher. A stereo loop switcher designed to break boundaries, the ML10X is the answer to the needs of today's musicians. THE ULTIMATE EFFECTS ROUTING EXPERIENCE With 5 stereo loops that can each be split into 2 mono loops, the ML10X gives you a total of up to 10 loops, each independently controllable and reorderable. You can use the ML10X in mono or stereo, making it the perfect solution for whatever setup you run. THE FREEDOM TO REORDER The order in which you chain your effects can make immense or subtle differences to your resultant tone. The ability to reorder your effects on-the-fly expands your sonic palette with the same effects you already own. It's like having a set of colored paint. But now you are free to mix them however you like. INTUITIVE ONBOARD CONTROLS The ML10X user interface was developed for ease of use and to clearly display important information to the user. Apart from allowing you to access and edit presets and settings, the LCD screen also shows you which bank you are in and the currently active preset name and number. 4 BANKS - 512 PRESETS ML10X EDITOR For greater speed and clarity, the ML10X Editor lets you access global settings, edit your presets and reorder your effects with a drag-and-drop user interface.​​ NAME YOUR LOOPS It's important to know what pedal each loop contains. And now, you no longer need to make the effort to remember. With custom names for each loop, you will always select the right effect for the job. SIMPLE MODE: CONNECT IN SERIES In Simple mode, drag and drop your desired effects onto the signal chain to add them to a preset. Also drag and drop to rearrange their order. To engage or bypass a loop, simply click on it. ADVANCED MODE: SPLIT AND MERGE Advanced mode, gives you the freedom to split and merge your signal chain as you please.​ Complex routings in series and parallel are made possible, with the only limitation being your imagination. NATIVE INTEGRATION WITH MORNINGSTAR MIDI CONTROLLERS If you own a Morningstar MIDI controller, you won't need to deal with MIDI at all. With the 'Morningstar ML10X' message type you will be able to engage/bypass selected loops, scroll through presets and recall any preset of your choice. SPILLOVER TRAILS With spillover capability, the ML10X lets you seamlessly change presets and bypass loops without an abrupt cut in sound. This is especially useful for delay and reverb effects that trail on. Spillover trails can be applied to one or multiple loops, definable per preset. SPLITTING A STEREO LOOP Turn each stereo loop on the ML10X into 2 loops with Stereo to Mono Splitter Cables (available as add-ons). The split loops can function as 2 independent mono loops or the Left and Right channels of a stereo pedal. The Splitter Cable also enables you to use the ML10X's TRS audio input and output in stereo. MIDI I/Os The ML10X has 5-pin MIDI IN and THRU ports so you can easily daisy chain it with other MIDI-capable devices. You can also link multiple ML10Xs for more loops. USB CONNECTIVITY USB-C connection to your computer for firmware updates, backups and use with the ML10X Editor. COMPATIBLE WITH ANY MIDI CONTROLLER While Morningstar controllers offer seamless integration with the ML10X, the ML10X has standard and comprehensive MIDI implementation: MIDI implementation chart TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS -Enclosure Dimensions: 169 x 58 x 58 mm -Weight: 0.45kg -Sand blasted aluminium enclosure 6x tactile switches -Black LCD display Connections: 1 x 5-pin MIDI In 1 x 5-pin MIDI Thru USB Type C 1x Stereo TRS Input 5x Stereo TRS Send 5x Stereo TRS Return 1x Stereo TRS Output Memory: 4 banks of 128 presets each Max I/O level: -4V peak to peak (with 9v power supply) -10V peak to peak (with 18v power supply) -Input Impedance: 1Mohm -Output Impedance: ~100ohms Manual Needs: 9-18VDC 200mA Center Negative

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