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Morningstar Engineering
MC6 MKII MIDI Controller
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Morningstar Engineering: MC6 MKII MIDI Controller
MC6 MKII MIDI Controller

The MC6 is a fully programmable MIDI controller, capable of sending up to 16 different MIDI messages per preset. Each of this message can be mapped to a specific action on a switch, which gives the user a plethora of options and precise control just from a single switch. With 30 banks and 12 preset per bank, the MC6 will sit comfortable on any pedalboard amid the varying demands of any musician.

30 banks with 12 presets each, and each preset capable of sending up to 16 different MIDI messages and functions

Easy to use standalone, or with the PC/Mac Editor.
Programming the MC6 has never been easier!

With MIDI over USB, control your favourite DAWs and music software like Ableton Live and Mainstage

Connect up to 2 expression pedals for MIDI exp control, or up to 3 aux switches per input to enable access to more presets and functions

Allows for easy integration into pedal-boards and rigs.

​145mm x 95mm x 45mm​

Power the MC6 MKII via USB, MIDI phantom power or a traditional 9-12v DC power supply
Action-based control
Program each message to correspond to an action. For example, in one preset, you can program a CC#0 MIDI message to send out when a switch is pressed, and a double tap on the same switch to change banks.
MIDI messages and functions
Each preset can be programmed to send up to 16 messages. Each message can be programmed to send a MIDI message or activate a function.
MIDI IN - Receive MIDI messages to control the MC6, or relay messages through the MIDI OUT port.
MIDI OUT - Send MIDI messages generated by the MC6, and relay messages received from the MIDI IN port. Phantom power the MC6 via MIDI pins 6 & 7.
USB - Send USB MIDI messages to your PC or Mac. MC6 can be powered via USB.
9VDC IN - Power the MC6 with a 9-12VDC power supply. Requires at least 75mA, Center Negativ.
EXPRESSION INPUTS - Connect expression pedals to send sweeping CC messages, or aux switches (up to 6) for additional presets.

MIDI editor for desktop / web
Like the MKI, the MC6 MKII comes with an intuitive web and desktop-based editor for easy programming. The editor gives you the ability to view your preset settings on one screen, and make any edits easily before saving your settings back to your device.

User Manual

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