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 Mission XPB R
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Mission Engineering

Mission XPB R

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Mission Engineering Mission XPB R

Mission XPB R XPB is an eXpression Pedal in a Box. When you just need to ‘set and forget’ an expression pedal input, or save space and weight on your board, the Mission XPB is the thing. A tiny 2”x 2” aluminum enclosure holds a rotary pot that can be set by hand. A rubber boot, included, allows easy foot control. A ‘glow in the dark’ position marker lets you see your setting on a dark stage. The XPB is available in the following models: XPB-R features a TRS output and a 10K Ohm Linear potentiometer that is compatible with most stomp boxes, MIDI controllers, and processors with an expression pedal input. A mini toggle polarity switch is provided for compatibility with devices that require reversed polarity. XPB-HiZ is similar to the XPB-R but with a 100K Ohm Linear pot in place of the 10K Linear pot in the standard XPB-R. XPB-L6 is compatible with any Line 6 expression pedal input including the M5, M9 and M13 and the PodHD 500. XPB-L6-S replaces the rotary control with a switch that toggles between min and max and can be used with any Line 6 expression pedal input.

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