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 Zendrive 2021
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Hermida Audio

Zendrive 2021

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Hermida Audio Zendrive 2021

Hermida Zendrive 2021 The standard in dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive pedals. Cut through the mix with the incomparable Zendrive. Inspired by a legendary guitarist, the Zendrive delivers blues, country, jazz and fusion tones associated with some of the finest, most costly amplifiers in the market. Four knobs control the overall volume, gain, tone and voicing of the pedal. At lower settings, the pedal offers extremely light overdrive sounds reminiscent of tube amps set near the “sweet spot.” At higher settings, the Zendrive increases in gain and sustain, producing tasty overdrive and low distortion tones. Features: -Smooth, round, balanced, low-to-medium gain overdrive -Slight overdrive to mild distortion -Great dynamic response and open sound -Connectors: Input, Output, DC adapter -Power Supply: 9V battery operation or DC adapter -Dimensions: 4.37 (L) X 2.37 (W) X 1.07 (H)

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