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 Bluebonnet Overdrive
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Mojo Hand FX

Bluebonnet Overdrive

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Mojo Hand FX Bluebonnet Overdrive

Bluebonnet Overdrive Sweet Texas Heat… The Bluebonnet is a streamlined, straight to the point tribute to Lone Star Tone. Designed to be the ultimate grab-n-go dirt pedal, its simplistic dual control layout (Volume and Gain) makes it a natural extension of your amp. Crank the Volume knob to give your rig a boot to the tubes, or dime the Gain and watch your licks scorch like the sun on a summer day in Dallas. With no Tone or EQ controls, we’ve voiced the Bluebonnet relatively flat: not too bright, not too dark, no ‘honky’ mids…just nice, smooth and neutral. While the Bluebonnet’s design favors simplicity over versatility, thats not to say its a mere one trick pony. Whether its used to add some grit to a clean amp, kick an already overdriven amp to the next level, or used as a base tone to stack other pedals…the Bluebonnet delivers classic shades of drive smothered in Tejas Mojo.

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