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 TR1 Tremolo
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DLS Effects
TR1 Tremolo
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DLS Effects: TR1 Tremolo
TR1 Tremolo

Finally a pure Analog, stereo Tap Tremolo with tons of tremolo styles and functionality any musician could everask for! Just some of the features include:
Two different sounding analog optical components utilize a first ever Warmth pot to dial in vintage tube
sounding tremolo to more aggressive tremolo, or any blend in between!
A first ever Shape pot transforms the tremolo wave shape and duty cycle for a multitude of flavors like vintagerhythmic tremolo, slicing tremolo, playing backwards sound, and much more.
The speed of the Tremolo can be controlled using the Rate Pot, or Tap Tempo, or via an External Expressionpedal. Tap Tempo can be multiplied by 1, 2, 3 or 4 beats per tap, plus is stored in memory.
Two independent in/out channels can be used in Mono or Stereo, including a Ping Pong feature that pans fromamp to amp. Channel-A in/out utilizes True Bypass switching, while Channel-B in/out utilizes a buffered output.This Tremolo has a small footprint, measuring only 4.3” wide by 4.7” deep
The unit runs from 9vdc (any polarity) and is charge pumped near 15vdc to achieve ultimate headroom and keepthe instrument sounding warm, clear, and free from distortion.

Tap Switch: controls rate in Tap Mode.(Hold down for 3 seconds to enable Ping Pong between OUTA and OUTB)
Rate: Normal Mode - regular Rate pot, Tap Mode-Multiply by 1,2,3 or 4 beats per Tap
On/Off: True Bypass Channel A, Buffered Output Channel B Normal-Tap mode Switch
Warmth: Biases 2 different analog optical devices for vintage tube sound, aggressive tremolo, or any blend & flavor in
VolumeB, VolumeA: adjust output levels (cut to boost)
Shape: adjusts the on/off duty cycle and shape of the tremolo
Expression input: Use an external expression pedal to control the Rate
9VDC: operates from 9vdc source, polarity does not matter!
InA, OUTA, True Bypass
InB, OUTB Buffered Output
Warmth Pot: A first ever Warmth pot allows the user to dial in Vintage tube sounding tremolo to modern edgy tremolo, or any
blend of the two sounds. This is achieved by biasing 2 different sounding analog optical-couplers via the Warmth pot.
Shape Pot: The Shape pot adjusts the off/on duty cycle and shape of the tremolo. The musician can achieve numerous
tremolo flavors from vintage sounds to playing backwards reminiscent of old Jimi sounds.
Tap/Normal Switch: Used to select Tap Tempo or Normal Rate pot modes.
Tap Tempo: Push and release the Tap Tempo switch at least 2 times to set the tempo of the tremolos. When in Tap Tempo
mode, the Rate pot is used to multiply the tempo at 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 beats per tap.
Tap Tempo Memory: Tap Tempo is stored in memory until the tempo is changed (even when power is removed)
Rate Pot: Used as a traditional rate control during Normal mode. Used as tempo multiplier in Tap Tempo mode.
Inputs/Outputs: Independent channels for Mono in/out, Stereo in/out, or Mono in/stereo out.
Volume A & Volume B: Independently controls volumes for OUTA (channel A) and OUTB (channel B)
Ping Pong/Sync Mode: On the fly switching between Ping Pong or Sync modes, Ping Pong mode (back and forth between
stereo outputs) or Sync mode (Both outputs in sync). To change back and forth, simply hold down the Tap Tempo switch for 3
On/Off: Channel A is True Bypass, while Channel B is buffered output.
Expression Pedal: Control the Tremolo rate with an external Expression pedal (while in Normal Mode).
Internal Waveform: An internal wave form jumper can be set for triangle (warmest), sign, or a custom waveform.
Tremolo beat: The “on” instrument sound is used when the beat is set (verses absence of sound)

9vdc input jack: 9vdc any polarity (charge pumped to 15vdc for high head room and optimal op amp sound). A USA transformer is included, although most external 9vdc pedal board supplies can be used.
Note: Our internal circuit will accommodate any polarity of input jack.
Enclosure: Heavy steel enclose with resilient powder coating for heavy road worthiness.
Dimensions: 4.3”W x 4.7”D x 2.4”H
Color: Plum

User Manual

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