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 Powerbox Pro
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Powerbox Pro

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N-AUDIO Powerbox Pro

Powerbox Pro N-audio Powerbox PRO is a linear stompbox power supply, based on our bestseller Powerbox Mk2. With two additional isolated high current switchable AC/DC output groups, it offers 7 independent galvanically isolated output groups, each capable of powering up to 2 effects pedals (14 pedals total). The unit features high-quality transformers with reduced flux density to reduce noise, while the output voltage of most groups can be changed via DIP switches. The galvanic isolation guarantees a significant decrease in noise and ground loop problems, making it perfect for guitar effects that require AC or different DC output voltages. 9 VAC, 9/12 VDC (Outputs 1-4) Four high-current switchable AC/DC outputs, with each AC group delivering up to 1500mA for 9VAC effects such as Digitech Whammy, JamMan, Line6 pedals, ISP Theta, and more. They can also provide high-current DC power to your Strymon, Eventide, TC Electronics, Line6, and other multi-effect processors or loopers. Additionally, they work great with any low-power effects. 9/12 VDC (Outputs 5-8) These outputs are capable of delivering up to 520mA of current per group, making them ideal for high current DC effects such as Strymon, Eventide, TC Electronics, Line6, effect processors, and more. They also work great with low power effects. 9/15/18/24 VDC (Outputs 9 and 10) These outputs are optimized for a range of effects pedals, including 24V Electro Harmonix models, 18V boosters/overdrive pedals such as the Cmat mods Browne, and 15V Radial Tonebone effects. They also support high current 9VDC effects and low power effects. Ultra-low noise 9.5 VDC (Outputs 11-14) These ultra-low noise outputs are designed to simulate a 9-volt alkaline battery and can deliver up to 100mA per group. With less than 130dB noise at a 5mA current consumption, they are ideal for any sensitive, low-power analog pedals such as wah pedals, overdrive pedals, boosters, distortions, compressors, and more. Powerbox PRO is available in a kit of all necessary cables for powering effects, which contains: -Standard IEC power cord with EU, UK, or US plug -Eight standard black cables with a diameter of ø5.5/ø2.1 mm and a length of 50 cm -Two (red and blue) cables with a diameter of ø5.5/ø2.5 mm and a length of 35 cm -One black cable with a 3.5 mm mono jack output and a length of 35 cm -Three reverse polarity cables with a length of 15 cm -One current doubler Y parallel cable Specifications: -Dimensions: 19х5х9cm -Weight: 1.8Kg -DC output voltage: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 VDC -AC output voltage: 9 VAC (12 VAC on request) -Seven galvanically isolated groups -Outputs: 14 outputs ø5.5/ø2.1 mm center negative -Operation indications: 7 control LEDs -Mains supply: 230/240 VAC or 100/110 VAC -Mains transformers: 50/60 Hz transformers with reduced flux density -Protections: mains fuse, short circuit protected outputs -Designed and handcrafted in Europe Bedienungsanleitung

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