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RJM Music


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RJM Music MultiBox

MultiBox The MultiBox is designed to be a multi-purpose problem solver in MIDI systems. It can be used for any of these purposes, most of them at the same time: MIDI Thru Box – splits one incoming MIDI signal to multiple outputs (up to three standard 5-pin MIDI outputs) TRS MIDI Converter – converts standard 5-pin MIDI to TRS MIDI for use with devices that require it Phantom Power Adapter – combines a 5-pin MIDI connection with AC or DC power and routes them to a 7-pin MIDI connection. This can be used to phantom power a compatible MIDI controller Bidirectional MIDI Converter – splits a bidirectional MIDI connection into separate MIDI input and output jacks, or combines a MIDI input and output connection into a bidirectional MIDI connection Typical Uses Use as a MIDI splitter (AKA thru box) to split the output of a MIDI controller to multiple devices, both standard 5-pin MIDI and TRS MIDI. Put in a rack with an Axe-Fx or Kemper Profiler, and it will combine MIDI In, MIDI Out and power connections into a single 7-pin MIDI cable to go to the MIDI controller. Split the bidirectional MIDI connection from a Mastermind into a MIDI input and multiple MIDI outputs. Features: 1 – 7-pin MIDI input (compatible with 5 or 7 pin MIDI connections) 1 – 5-pin MIDI output, with optional bidirectional MIDI connection to the MIDI input 1 – 5-pin MIDI thru 1 – 5-pin MIDI jack that can be configured as a MIDI thru or a MIDI input that can be sent to the 7-pin MIDI input jack 4 – TRS MIDI jacks, individually configurable for Tip Active, Ring Active and Standard MIDI types Specifications: -Power Requirements: 9-12V, AC or DC (either polarity), 50mA minimum. More current will be required if phantom powering a device. AC adapter not included. -BOSS-type power connector, 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector -Dimensions: 4.41 (w) x 2.38 (d) x 1.65 (h) inches (11.20 (w) x 6.05 (d) x 4.19 (h) cm) -Weight: 0.52 lbs / 236g -Made in USA Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 9-12VDC 100mA

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