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The GigRig


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GEN-X-14 DC POWER SUPPLY Ruf an - dann erkläre ich dir das System !! 0681-5898564 TheGigRig Modular Power Supply has a new heart. We're delighted to announce GenX14. If your pedals aren't powered properly, nothing is going to sound like it should. TheGigRig GenX14 has all the juice you need for even the most current hungry pedalboard, while staying light and compact. Confused? Don't be. Power can get complicated. We offer a service to help you understand exactly what you need to power your rig. 14 high current isolated outputs 8x9V@200mA 4x9x@500mA 2x9 or 12V@1000mA TheGigRig cut to length dc cables Works as a stand alone supply or as part of TheGigRig Modular Power Supply System GenX14 Outputs: -8 x 9VDC@200mA: 8 individual 9VDC outputs capable of a conservative 200mA each. This is more than enough for most pedals. All your standard overdrives, analog modulation and delay pedals will be able to be powered from one of these outlets. -4 x 9VDC@500mA: 4 individual 9VDC outputs capable of 500mA each. This is for your current hungry digital pedals from brands like Strymon, Eventide, Line6 etc. Each output will deliver exactly what these pedals need to operate at their best. -2 x 9/12VDC@1000mA: If you run valve OD’s/preamps, or something like a H90, these will need a huge amount of current to keep the pedal operating in the range it needs to be. These two outputs can each deliver a massive 1000mA each at either 9 or 12VDC. For pedals such as Kingsley and Effectrode this amount of current is a must and delivered beautifully by the GENX14. Each of the 1000mA outputs has two sets of connection tabs. It might be that you want to power a high current digital pedal and something else. The two sets of connection tabs for each of the 1000mA outputs gives you this option. DC Input: Plug your DC power in here. GenX14 is designed to work with the 24V DC power supply provided but it will work on a wide voltage range from 9-34V DC. IMPORTANT - Whatever you put into the DC INPUT will appear on the LINK OUT. Using the supplied 24V power supply, you will get 24V on the link out. Dimensions - GENX14 – 158Lx82Wx22Dmm (6.22Lx3.22Wx0.87D”) G24V Power Supply – 132Lx57Wx32Dmm (5.2Lx2.24Wx1.26D”) Bedienungsanleitung

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