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Thorpy FX


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Thorpy FX ER-2

ER-2 The ER-2 receives its name from NASAs high altitude, earth observing plane, which itself was derived from the USAF U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Much like the ER-2 aircraft, we’ve taken something awesome and made it more friendly, certainly more friendly for your pedalboard real-estate. The Univibe effect is a classic, loved by many, and something we’ve wanted to do our own take on for a long time. It was designed from the ground up to be Univibe perfection. We wanted to deliver decade spanning classic Univibe modulation that enables you to sound like as many of the classic records that use the effect, as possible. We decided to take it much further and create our dream Univibe, shrinking it and retaining a simplicity of use that belies the pure analog complexity within. Features: INTENSITY: This control adds more of the ER-2 vibe into your signal. It allows you to control how subtle or intense you want the modulation effect to be. OFFSET: This changes how the internal lamp ramps up. It allows you to change the way the Univibe sounds. it’s a subtle effect but gives you the ability to change the Univibe ramping to your own taste. SPEED: This controls the rate of the ER-2 sweep moving between, so slow it is barely perceptible through to fast and crazy. VOLUME: This changes the volume of the effect. Add more for a louder vibe and less for a quieter effect. FOOTSWITCH: The Left-Hand footswitch allows you to have a classic Univibe style chorus sound or when the footswitch is switched in (LED on) the Vibe setting is selected, and the pedal only outputs a wet signal. The right-hand footswitch switches the ER-2 On/Off COMPONENTS: To ensure consistency, reliability, low-noise, and tonal supremacy the ER-2 is made with extremely high-quality components. 1% metal film resistors, WIMA and Panasonic capacitors where possible, high- quality Op-amps and robust through hole plated PCB’S. In short, all of this means you won’t have to worry about your pedal, and it should give you many years of inspiring tonal bliss. Benötigt: 9VDC 200mA Center Negativ

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