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KSR Amps


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KSR Amps Vesta

Vesta 3 Channel Preamp The VESTA contains a brand new set of voices from KRS along with a familiar feature set. Based on a couple of your favorite amps of the 80s and 90s, you’ll feel right at home. Picture a classic Crunch tone suitable for rock and blues, along with a familiar 90s high-gain sound. If modern extended range high-gain is your thing, the CERES delivered. If you’re more at home on a 6 string, the VESTA may be your preference. It’s smooth, chunky, thick, and more low-mid focused. It takes boosts just like your favorite vintage high-gain amps. It responds incredibly well to the guitar’s volume control. Note: The Clean channel is identical to the CERES’. Features: -3 Channel preamp effects pedal -Designed to offer the tones 80s and 90s full-size amps -Active 3-Band EQ – for detailed tone-scuplting -Designed to work as Preamp into an amps effects loop return or in front of an amp -Bright, Feel and Mode switches to mirror the functionality of full-size amps -Unique backlit KSR logo status indicator – clearly indicates pedals channel and bypass settings at a glance -3.5 mm TRS control input for external switching via e.g. KSR EX5 -Top-Mounted jacks and selectable True/Buffered/Clean Bypass Switching -Manufactured in USA Top mounted jacks allow for easy integration into your existing pedal board. Unique to our pedal operation, we include 3 bypass modes — True Bypass, Buffered Bypass, and Clean Bypass. In True and Buffered bypass the pedal operates as expected, no tonal coloration. The Clean Bypass mode enables the top row of Tone and Volume knobs accessing the Clean channel. These various Bypass Modes allow for integration into any style of rig — from driving a power amp directly (Clean mode), hitting a clean amp down the chain on your pedal board (True Bypass mode), or at the start of your pedal board, driving your other pedals into a clean amp (Buffered mode). The preferred operating method is to run the VESTA™ into the input of the effects loop return of any amplifier head or directly into a power amp, but it will also work just as well when run into a clean channel with some EQ tweaking. For example, a typical Fender style clean circuit sounds best with Mids cranked, Bass around noon, Treble around 9-10:00, and Bright OFF. Tweak to taste… Time based effects (delay, chorus, flange, etc) should be placed after the VESTA, before the power amp. A simple loop switcher can even be used to create effects loop(s) between the VESTA and power amp. The VESTA includes two integrated footswitch buttons to activate the 3 channels. The left button toggles between Bypass and Rhythm/Lead. The right button toggles between Rhythm and Lead. With the Bypass Mode switch set to Clean, bypassing the pedal actually activates the Clean channel. Both distortion channels have the same switches and controls, and work in the same manner. However, Rhythm is inherently tighter and more aggressive than the Lead channel. Lead is more compressed and smoother and fatter overall. The Clean channel is not designed to get the “pushed” sound with the Level increased, rather it is designed to stay clean. The gain controls in all channels feature the same range from clean to saturated signals and operate as close as possible to the full size KSR amps. They function without any unwanted top-end artifacts typically associated with solid-state circuits. The VESTA EQ options then make for a highly versatile Pre-Amp pedal giving you as much control. We are proudly manufacturing this pedal completely in our Cincinnati facility. CNC machining, powder coating, laser etching, circuit board assembly are all performed under our roof — no outsourcing. Benötigt: 9VDC 200mA Center Negativ

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