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Solid Gold FX


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Solid Gold FX IF 6 WAS 9 MKII

IF 6 WAS 9 - BC183 MKII FUZZ If there’s one pedal that captures the history of sonic rebellion and the soul of classic rock, then the Fuzz Face is it. Bold and raunchy when fed power chords, velvety smooth and angelically soaring when presented with lead lines and with an almost too-good-to-be-true volume knob cleanup, which allows for the best clean tones you’ve ever heard, the Fuzz Face is truly a multi-faceted tonal treasure. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pete Townsend all carved their undying legacy with this iconic fuzz machine and with our If 6 Was 9 MKII, you can instantly tap into those legendary tones or go far beyond to discover your own saturated signature sound. Features: -Silicon Fuzz pedal -Based on the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit -Uses two BC183 transistor – for soulful fuzz tones between mushy compression of Germanium and brash sound of Silicon -Variable voltage pump supplies power between 5 to 15VDC internally -Thick balanced bass response and tight fuzz tone -Tone toggle switch chooses between tight and thick fuzz voicings -Bias knob for varying the operational voltage – for a huge range of tones from compressed and nasty to big and bold -Saturation control trims the circuits input for better cleanup or impedance matching -Soft-touch True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks -Hand-made in Montreal, Canada It’s been at least 10 years since we launched our original If 6 Was 9 BC183 and improving on this solid design was no small feat. SGFX’s pedal pays tribute to all the players who contributed to the pantheon of rock, with specially selected components to get your mojo working. We put two BC183 devices in each one, which is widely regarded as a happy medium between the potentially mushy compression of germanium and the brash sawmill-like fuzz of silicon. The tone of the If 6 Was 9 MKII is just that - smooth and refined, without falling apart on chords and with loads of sustain on single-note work. The MKII includes all the soulful fuzz tones of the original BC183, but incorporates a variety of new features aimed at bringing this vintage inspired design into the modern age. What really sets the new If 6 Was 9 MKII apart is the power supply. Fuzz Face tone has been whittled down to such a precise science that players now know what voltage at which they prefer their Fuzz Face to be run. Eric Johnson famously kept a box full of batteries drained to various degrees. We have equipped this fuzz with a variable voltage pump, supplying anywhere from 5 to 15VDC from a single 9V power source. No need for a box full of questionable batteries anymore, just set the knob to your preferred supply voltage and get as much fuzzy compression or meaty breakup you desire consistently, every time. This, in conjunction with the bias control, will allow for any shade of fuzz ranging from gated and sputtery, to smooth and dynamic, then all the way to bold and punchy. The new saturate control trims the circuit’s input for better cleanup, signal chain integration or impedance matching, ideal for use with a wah pedal. Finally, soft-touch true bypass switching and top jacks really bring this fuzz face into the 21st century. That was a lot of tech babble, we know. At the end of the day If 6 Was 9 MkII is just here to help you with what you do best: plugging in and rocking out! KNOBS: -Volume: Allows you to boost or cut your volume level -Bias: This varies the voltage to Q2’s collector, giving you a huge range of tones from compressed and nasty to big and bold. -Fuzz: Sets the amount of distortion. -Volts 5-15V: This controls the overall power feeding the pedal. Turning counter-clockwise drops the voltage to 5V for more sag and compression while turning clockwise increases the internal voltage up to 15V for extra kick and headroom. -Saturate: This knob trims input gain. Turn it fully clockwise for classic fuzz face tones. Dial it back for impedance matching with wahs & other effects placed before it for better cleanup/less fuzz. TOGGLE SWITCHES: Body: This toggle switch delivers three different fuzz voicings. Chose from Fat (left), Treble Boost (center), or Classic (right). AUXILIARY: -Input: Instrument or other pedal goes here. -Output: Amplifier or other pedal goes here. -True bypass footswitch: Turns the effect on and off. DIMENSIONS: 4.77" x 2.6 x 1.39" (121.1 x 66 x 35.3mm Benötigt: 9VDC 20mA Center Negativ

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