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 Sweeping Cable 5 Meter 1x Straight 1x Silent Plug Straight
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Sweeping Cable 5 Meter 1x Straight 1x Silent Plug Straight
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CostaLab: Sweeping Cable 5 Meter 1x Straight 1x Silent Plug Straight
Sweeping Cable 5 Meter 1x Straight 1x Silent Plug Straight

The CostaLab Sweeping cables were designed to give the best signal reproductions for guitar and bass instruments.Some of the benefits are full harmonics and frequency reproduction with clear mids, bass, and crystal clear high frequencies.

Thanks to its very high quality components and the materials used, the signal loss was reduced to a minimal (almost non existent). This gives you increased output level in all of the frequencies spectrum as well as the overall volume output.

Special connectors were used with a copper core that connects directly to the welding points of each end of the jack.

Using the best copper wire available, the transfer of the signal is superior compared to the common instrument cables with much lower copper contents in the wire. As you know copper is one of the best metals used for signal transmission.

For superior connectivity, all the solder connections are made with alloy composed of 2% of silver.

The robust construction materials guarantee reliability and durability of the cables. Each cable is encased in a special braided cotton casing keeping the core protected and at the same time making it very flexible. The connectors are covered by a transparent sheath which allows you to inspect the state of the terminations.

The cable is designed to operate in a uni-directional way.

The side to be connected to the instrument is marked "Instrument". The connection type is semi-balanced which eliminates electromagnetic disturbances.

CostaLab hi definition cables can be used with confidence whether in studio or on stage.

Technical features:
Total lengt: 5 m
Connectors: straight - straight ilent (instrument)
Conductor: Bare copper strand 0.15mm each
Cross section: 0.5mm2
Shielding: Double rotating copper spiral shield
Internal Insulation: PE
External Insulation: PVC
external protection: Cotton sheath
Overall diameter: 7 mm2
Minimum bending radius: 36mm
Working temperature: -20°C/+70°C
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