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 Elevation Fuzz
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MLC Mark L Custom
Elevation Fuzz
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MLC Mark L Custom: Elevation Fuzz
Elevation Fuzz

Handcrafted by Marks wife Agnes in Gdansk Poland.
Include highest-quality military components.
Everything is built inside a sturdy powder coated steel chassis, to withstand stage wear and tear.
100% analog signal line, creating a warm and rich tone.
TRUE BYPASS for extreme tone clarity.
Before shipping, each device is carefully inspected by the company’s inside personnel as well as professional musicians who take part in the construction of our devices.

MLC Elevation FUZZ 4 famous fuzz in one box. FUZZ has been around since 1966, and it shows no signs of dying any time soon. Through this design"s past you"ll find all kinds of different variations in the basic original circuit, from PNP Germanium to NPN Silicon, and a countless number of fuzz pedals that are based on it. The Fuzz Face has been played by almost every famous guitar player that has ever lived, and this trend will most likely continue for a very long time to come.

Level Out: Volume control
Tone: Treble EQ control
FUZZ: Bass EQ control
4 position rotary switch: 1-gate fuzz, 2-normal, 3- mid cut, 4- fuzz face( without tone control )

-Power in: Power supply socket for AC 9VAC/1A
-Plug 2,5 mm x 5,5 mm
-Operational temperature: -15˚C / +50˚C
-Height:1U (44 mm) rack space
-Width:19" (482 mm) rack space
-Lenght:185 mm
-Weight:1,5 kg / 3 pounds

User Manual

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