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 Fuzz Haze
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Fuzz Haze
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ThroBak: Fuzz Haze
Fuzz Haze

Throback Electronics is proud to offer another classic Signature Sound effect, the Fuzz Haze, a recreation of the Germanium Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face. The original Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face was made famous by Jimi Hendrix and was favored by Eric Clapton while in Cream, David Gilmour and countless others. The famous players listed above had the luxury of cherry picking the best pedals and then having them tweaked further by technicians like Roger Mayer that these players helped make famous.

The Fuzz Haze solves the quality problems of the originals with stringent quality control, component selection and user tweaks that were never available on the original units. Additionally a reverse audio taper potentiometer on the Fuzz Haze gives an unparalleled range of fuzz adjustment when compared to the original units.

The Fuzz Haze offers up the same thick screaming Fuzz that drew Hendrix to the original Dallas-Arbiter circuit. Many Fuzz Face clones denude the circuit of the bass response that made the original such a powerhouse with a Stratocaster. We don"t do this. Internal user adjustable pre gain and bias trim give you full control the character of the the fuzz and bass response.

Each Fuzz Haze also has socketed transistors allowing us to individually tune each pedal. This assures that every Fuzz Haze sounds as if it were cherry picked.

Get a Fuzz Haze for the full dose of Germanium Fuzz Voo Doo!

-Powder coated exterior with bullet proof epoxy ink graphics.
-Carefully selected, and auditioned low noise Germanium Transistors.
-Pre gain switch to select between classic Fuzz Face mode and pre gain trimmed to your rig.
-Internal user adjustable bias and pre gain trim pot.
-Mallory M-150 mylar Capacitors.
-9 VDC power jack.
-True bypass switch.
-Compact pedal design.
-Socketed Transistors.

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