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The Vibe Tool
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Guitarsystems: The Vibe Tool
The Vibe Tool

Tony Spinner: „I love the Vibe!!! I cannot tell any difference between it and my real vintage one. Well, one difference.. Yours is quiet compared to mine"

Michael Thompson: “It’s has the right frequency. I love this sound!”

Steve Stevens: „We actually did an AB test with your Vibe and for Les Paul style guitars, we found it to be much more useful. I love the pedal"


Based on original Shin Ei Univibe circuit - original UniVibe sound
Quality matched components - optimal & consistent sound
T.M.F - Treble/Mid/Full adjusting the amount of bass
The Paul Switch Jr.® - robust true bypass footswitch to switch the effect on/off avoiding tone sucking and adjusted for unity gain
Dual color led (red/blue) indicating effect on & Vibe speed in
both on/off mode
18 VDC 100 mA regulated power supply input - increased headroom
Extended speed range - maximum speed of original is 4.5 Hz VibeTool© is 9 Hz
Easy Foot adjustment of the Vibe speed

History of the Shin Ei Uni-vibe
The Uni-vibe was developed by the company Shin Ei in 1968 by engineer Fumio Mieda. It was meant to be a Lesley simulator but sounds more like a phase shifter device as it is based on phase shifting technology. The Uni-vibe was one of the first phasers available in the market. The major difference with a standard phaser (e.g. MXR Phase 90) is that the four phase shifting stages have a different setting making the “wobble” sound more musical.
Notable users of the Uni-vibe are Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. The real Uni-vibe sound can be heard on Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs”, Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” and Pink Floyd’s “Breathe”

Technology concept
The Uni-vibe is a 4 stage phase shifter device implemented with discrete transistors and 4 phase shifting stages based on variable RC filters build up of a capacitor and a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). The value of the resistance (LDR) is varied by means of a light bulb with varying sinusoidal intensity and thereby creating the phasing effect.

User Manual
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