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 Silicon Crystal Valve
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Hartman Electronics
Silicon Crystal Valve
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Hartman Electronics: Silicon Crystal Valve
Silicon Crystal Valve

The Silicon Crystal Valve is a four-transistor Silicon fuzz based on the SolaSound SupaTonebender, a classic 70"s fuzz popularized by Steve Hackett of Genesis among others. The pedal"s Gain control unleashes dense, driving Silicon fuzz that can be focused across the entire frequency range of the guitar using the Tone control. Low settings of Tone produce warm breakup perfect for recreating the vibe of old, dark-sounding overdriven tube amplifiers. At moderate settings of the Gain and Tone controls, mid-range frequencies step forward and the pedal attains the legendary compression and sustain that secured the original its place in the pantheon of rock tone.

For seekers of heavy distortion tones, true delights await at upper Gain and Tone settings. The fuzz becomes a searing industrial menace, uber-scooped, with thump and edge, the drive to create rich, controlled harmonic feedback, and grind threatening enough to evoke the darkest moods Silicon has to offer. For those who want still more dirt, the Volume control offers plenty of additional post-fuzz gain for overdriving and blending into amps and other downstream devices.

Hartman Silicon Crystal Valve pedals are built in California using low-noise modern components, plated-through-hole printed circuit board construction and assembled using combination of state of the art manufacturing and hand-wiring techniques, almost entirely by musicians.

-Four-transistor NPN Silicon Fuzz
-Flexible voicing and gain structure
-Heavy-duty True-bypass switching
-LED Indicator
-2.1mm 9vdc jack (center-negative)

-Power Consumption: <20mA @ 9VDC
-Length: 4.9" (125mm)
-Width: 4" (101mm)
-Height: 2.1" (54mm)." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
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