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 Honky Dong
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El Musico Loco
Honky Dong
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El Musico Loco: Honky Dong
Honky Dong

The Honky Dong is a simple yet versatile pedal that gives a fat boost driving the input of your amp from a sparkling clean shimmer to a singing overdrive. Around 20dB of boost is available on demand from this little guy and it ain’t all pretty. Starts off at close to unity and up to about 3 o’clock gives a thick, clean lift and from then on it can get a bit dirty. Works great before and after wahs, fuzz and overdrive pedals. This pedal is a Wahs best friend!

Lord Riffenstein had a few words recently about the Honky Dong:

Now the Honky Dong, I loved the original 1-knob version and I wasn’t sure what the added volume control would do but I think it makes it more versatile. With the original, good stuff happens beyond 12:00 but there’s a lot of boost going on, now you can get the added dynamics and harmonics from the boost but can dial back a touch on the volume. I started off with the volume maxed out, assuming this would be like the original, then set the Stiffy to were it does it’s magic and then roll back the volume a bit. I usually ended up around 3pm on the volume. Sounds killer to boost other pedals or when running it into a cooking amp!!

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