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 Mystical Sustainer
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EC Custom Shop
Mystical Sustainer
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EC Custom Shop: Mystical Sustainer
Mystical Sustainer

The Mystical sustainer is a distortion pedal with true unique design that can bring the player the possibility of a true very low to very high gain all in one pedal.

The pedal was designed to answer rhythm playing but more than that a soloing playing , one you turn the gain knob up you will get more note clarity, more gain that can hold solo"s and a true unique sound.

The pedal features Gain , Level (with alottt of output) , Tone from lowing bass to screaming trebles and Fine turning for fine tuning of the trebles

Imagine you have a distortion pedal with a booster pedal before it just like many use when they are doing solo"s, now Imagine this in one pedal with a press of a button.

The mystical sustainer is a new pedal for 2012 and sound samples and video demos will be available soon.


• Gain, Tone, Level and Fine controls
• Operates on a standard 9 volt (negative tip) BOSS style adapter only!
• True Bypass for noise free operation
• High grade components only
• Neutrik Jacks
• Built by hand in Israel

*** Please note that our pedals dont contain battery operation!

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