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 Super Signa Drive
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Super Signa Drive
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CMAT Mods: Super Signa Drive
Super Signa Drive

Das Cmatmods Super Signa Drive ist ein handgebautes Boost- und Overdrive-Pedal aus der Werkstatt von Chad Matthews. Das Cmatmods Super Signa Drive basiert auf dem Signa Drive, hat hier aber einen EQ mit einer großen Frequenzbreite, so dass ein Mitten-Scoop genauso drin ist wie eine starke Anhebung.

Das Cmatmods Super Signa Drive begeistert, neben seiner Flexibilität, auch durch sein unglaubliches Sustain, seine Obertöne und seine Transparenz. Der Boost im Cmatmods Super Signa Drive ist abgetrennt vom Overdrive, so dass er einzeln oder zusammen mit diesem eingesetzt werden kann. Mit dem Boost kann man die Lautstärke entweder anheben oder ihn auch als Limiter benutzen.

-Regler: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Level, Boost
-Schalter: Drive, Boost
-2 Status-LEDs
-True Bypass

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This is the newest Signa Drive. I used the core of the Signa Drive and added the EQ and a little extra to fatten it up and add more sustain. The toggle switch works just like the original Signa Drive, but works side to side. It has a EQ that allows you to change the high"s, mid"s and bass. There is a lot of range in the EQ of this pedal so you can scoop the mids, have a mid hump or neutralize the mids. If you like the bass high and the treble low you can do that also, almost any type of EQ setting you think will sound great, it is in there. There is so much sustain in this pedal it is amazing, it just drips with harmonics and has so much clarity.

The boost works seperate from the OD so you can use it by itself or with the drive side. The boost adds fatness to the sound and it can also be used as a volume limiter. You can leave the boost on set at a low volume and turn it off for your lead work. The pedal also use"s 2 different LED"s so you know which effect is on. The Boost side uses a white 3mm LED and the Drive side use"s a blue 3mm LED. Like all CMATMODS pedal this is true bypass.

-Military grade wiring
-Military grade circuit board
-Cream Davies knobs
-Alpha pots
-Neutrik jacks
-EH true bypass switch"s
-RC4558p chip
-Blue LED for the drive side
-White LED for the boost side

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