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 Liquid Sunshine
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Liquid Sunshine
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SubDecay: Liquid Sunshine
Liquid Sunshine

Class A Overdrive - JFET based design for natural breakup and huge available volume boost. The Liquid Sunshine will give your amp a good kick in the ass. Equally useful as a clean boost, treble booster, and overdrive. Responds well to boosters, and loves pushing your other dirt boxes too.

What is the Liquid Sunshine?

The Liquid sunshine is a Jfet based overdrive with graceful breakup and pick attack, and will not cover up the the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier.

With two drive knobs, the Liquid Sunshine allows you to control the character of the overdrive rather than simply controlling overall gain. The drive knobs controls two separate gain stages, each with their own characteristics. The top drive knob pushes the overall frequency range, while the bottom drive knob accentuates the middle and high frequencies. Both are very interactive, and allow the Liquid sunshine to perform as a clean boost or treble booster, as well as an overdrive.

Why doesn"t the Liquid Sunshine have a "tone" knob?

Unlike a lot of other overdrives that use diodes to clip an amplified signal, the jfet circuitry produces no "sharp edges" or hard clipping. Many tone knobs on overdrives have a very narrow band of useful settings.

Instead, the bottom drive knob on the liquid sunshine controls gain and also alters the frequency response, with many useful settings over a wide range.

The Liquid Sunshine now has two internal controls for bass, and treble boost.

Can be powered by a 9 volt battery or 9VDC adaptor with a negative center 2.1mm barrel style plug. Current draw is less than 10mA.

A special note to Liquid Sunshine owners: The lower drive knob on the pedal operates a little differently than most drive controls on other pedals. The short explanation is that it will always sound a little scratchy. It is not defective, its simply the way the circuit works.

The longer explanation: The liquid sunshine has two gain stages which are basically fet versions of tube inverters with bypass caps on the source. One of the stages has a capacitor tied to the lower drive knob. The capacitor holds a charge at all times, and the fet tries to keep its source voltage constant relative to the input (or gate) of the fet. When you turn the knob the pot acts as a variable voltage divider, and the fet does all it can to keep the source voltage the same. What you hear as a scratchy pot, is actually the capacitor charging and discharging.

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