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 Memory Lane DLX Deluxe
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Diamond Pedals

Memory Lane DLX Deluxe

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Diamond Pedals Memory Lane DLX Deluxe

DIAMOND Memory Lane DLX The original Memory Lane pedal by Canadian builder Diamond Pedals went down in history as the first analog delay with tap tempo, but the device got plenty of great reviews for its sound too, finding a permanent home in many pedalboards after its release in the late aughts. Based on a chip that went out of production, the analog Memory Lane was retired after v.2, and replaced in 2011 by a more compact, digital – yet “analog-voiced” – successor called Memory Lane Jr, followed in 2014 by the Jr 2 – both devices offered up to 1200ms of delay. The Diamond Memory Lane DLX builds on the success of the Jr. by offering several welcome add-ons, here’s the list: -Extra modulation controls for Depth and Speed (the Jr had a fixed modulation) -An EQ circuit affecting the wet signal. -Triplet mode is now based on eight-note triplets, rather than quarter note ones. -The Continuously variable delay mode now offers 1200ms of delay versus the reduced 600 in the Jr versions. -The third footswitch present on the ML 2 alternating between Tap Tempo and the tempo set on the knob) is now incorporated on the TAP/DBL footswitch -The LED speed now always shows the quarter-note beat, rather than the actual delay time resulted from the subdivision. NEEDS: 9VDC 100mA Center Negative

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