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 Minifuzz SI - Silicion
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Minifuzz SI - Silicion

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KingTone Minifuzz SI - Silicion

Minifuzz SI - Silicion - Silicon Version Of The miniFUZZ The miniFUZZ Si has been years in the making and is especially designed for silicon transistors. The miniFUZZ has a plethora of controls inside and out, which allow you to dial in authentic vintage silicon tones and much more! Go from massive, sustaining “Violin” type tones, to gritty, feirce true-vintage fuzz sounds. Go from almost broken sounding “Bender” type tones, to modern glitching, out-of-control big riff sounds. Carefully Selected Silicon BC183 Transistors 3 Way Tone Toggle Switch. Fat/Full, Zonk and Vintage Internal DIP switch for DC power filtering when using a 9V DC plug. Helps make the DC sound more like a battery Internal DIP switch Vintage/Boost. In the boost setting the output of the pedal lifted to allow a stronger boost in volume The Bias Control Knob, Lets You Go From Violin Sustain, To Vintage, Hendrix’esque Mayhem 3x LEDs to clearly show when the pedal is active Hand Wired True Bypass Fat Fat, did I say ‘Fat’ Tone! Runs on Standard 9 Volt Battery or 9v DC Jack (standard center negative) Bias Adjust Control Fuzz Control. Custom made fuzz control lets you go smoothly between, almost clean to full-on fuzz Low bias settings will allow from modern or “bender” type tones Small Enclosure Size Long battery life even when left plugged in Beautiful Inside And Out PCB Designed For Shortest Signal Path Even In Bypass Built To Last A Lifetime 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Germanium vs Silicon: The miniFUZZ Ge has a warm, almost overdrive like fuzz tone, it cleans up well to a beautiful, bright glassy clean tone. The Ge is is sensitive to high temperatures so if you live in a hot climate or do a lot of outdoor summer shows you might want to consider the silicon version. The miniFUZZ Si is still warm but has a more classic fuzzy tone, also has more lows and highs, more full range. It also cleans up well, with a beautiful, glassy clean tone, very slightly more crisp than the germanium version. The Si is not temperature sensitive. It is easier to get the low bias, gated tones than with the germanium version. NEEDS: 9VDC 100mA Center Negativ

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