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Mad Professor
Double Moon
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Mad Professor: Double Moon
Double Moon

News from NAMM SHOW 2019 - will be availabe soon !!

The Mad Professor Double Moon is a small, easy to use and super versatile pedal for a wide variety of modulation sounds. True analogue bucket brigade signal paths with a Tone control makes the Double Moon a long-awaited modulation pedal for today’s guitar player.
Double Moon pedal has 11 carefully designed modes that will let you dial in, not only all of the classic modulation effects, but far beyond that. All of the sounds are easily reached from a rotary switch: 3 chorus effects, 3 dual chorus effects, 3 flanger effects, flanger+chorus and a vibrato.
You can further on fine tune the LFO wave or Regen depending on the mode by the Control knob. The Depth knob will let you dial in the desired amount of the effect and the Speed knob will control the speed of the effect.
Modulation effects from mild to deep, motionless to faux-Leslie type, it ́s all there with the added Tone control!

-Adjustments for sounds: Speed, Depth, Level, Tone
-Sound dependent control: Modulation waveshape, regen or speed difference between choruses
-True analogue bucket brigade signal paths
-True bypass
-Power supply or battery operated. Due high current consumption battery operation time may be only few hours with fresh battery.

MODE: Selects the active modulation sound
SPEED: Controls the speed of modulation effect
DEPTH: Controls the depth of effect
TONE: Adjusts the attenuation of high frequency tone in effect
CONTROL: Sound dependent control: Modulation waveshape, regen or speed difference between choruses

Supply voltage range 8.5V to 12V
Current consumption 85mA at 9VDC
Input impedance 500kΩ
Output impedance 1kΩ
Dimensions 113 x 65 mm
Weight 300g
9VDC power supply input, 2.1mm plug center negative and positive sleeve

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