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Chase Bliss Audio
Dark World Dual Channel Reverb
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Chase Bliss Audio: Dark World Dual Channel Reverb
Dark World Duak Channel Reverb

Some Chase Bliss Audio Dark World highlights:
First completely digital Chase Bliss pedal
Dual reverb pedal with parallel and 2 serial routing options
Mono in/out, no stereo. But you can buy 2 and link them via MIDI. ;-)
Dark side is developed with Cooper FX, the World side is developed with Keeley Electronics
Mix and Tone control both sides, but the type of tone control changes per effect type
Although the World side is more ‘traditional’, it can do almost infinite reverbs with Dwell cranked on hall and plate. Also, Predelay on max and Dwell on minimum gives you a cool slapback delay
The Dark side is like a simplified “best of” by Cooper FX.
BLACK is an infinite loop, I recommend you start with Decay at minimum and Modify is then the level of the sampling loop. Higher decay settings will determine how hard you have to play to overwrite what’s running in the sampling loop.
SHIM is another type of sampling, and you can add a -1 octave (Modify at 0) or +1 octave (Modifiy at 10) in. Modify at noon means no pitch shifting.
If you like ramping parameters, I’ve had interesting results with ramping tone, predelay (chorus/ pithshifting) and/or modify in MOD and SHIM modes.
You can do really interesting things with an expression pedal too, like adjust the level of the sampling loop (Modify in Black mode), control the Dwell on the world side together with Tone, etc.

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