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Disaster Area
DMC-8D GEN 2 8-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input and Tap Tempo
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Disaster Area: DMC-8D GEN 2 8-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input and Tap Tempo
DMC-8D GEN 2 8-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input and Tap Tempo

The DMC-8D GEN 2 is our largest MIDI controller, combining the comprehensive control of the DMC-6D with two extra buttons for tap tempo and a “favorite” preset. The DMC-8D can fully control up to four connected MIDI devices with preset mapping, tap tempo, expression, bypass, and more. It offers up to 120 presets that combine patches on all of your MIDI devices, a full looper mode for the Strymon Timeline or Line 6 M9 / M13, and preset control of additional devices such as amplifiers or switching systems. The DMC-8D works seamlessly with the Disaster Area DPC-5, DPC-8EZ, or DPC-4EZ, transforming into a full master controller for your MIDI and non-MIDI devices alike.

If you use software sequencers / DAWs such as Ableton Live, Mainstage, etc. we offer a firmware version that can control these applications. The DMC-8D can launch clips, control the transport, send expression to any automatable parameters, and more. We also offer Elektron Octatrack firmware, which works with the Pickup Machine on the Elektron Octatrack. It allows control of start / rec, sequencer start / stop and lock, next track, previous track, tap tempo, and expression pedal control of the crossfader.

Disaster Area DMC-8D Gen2 Features:
-30 preset banks with 4 presets each, for a total of 120 combined presets.
-Each preset can engage or bypass up to 4 MIDI devices on any available program.
-Strymon Timeline compatible looper control mode – record / overdub, play / stop, undo / redo, pre/post looper location, half speed, and reverse controls.
-Scrolling mode for changing presets on up to four MIDI devices. One additional MIDI device may also be controlled with its own MIDI channel such as a DPC-8EZ.
-Expression inputs send expression to up to five connected devices such as Timeline, Mobius, BigSky, Timefactor, H9, M5, etc.
-Dedicated looper level expression input (assignable to expression for any connected device)
-Dedicated tap tempo switch sends taps to all connected MIDI devices
-Tap tempo button allows latching “freeze” or “infinite” hold for BigSky
-Favorite Switch allows an editable “Favorite” preset for all five connected devices
-MIDI Note Send – each preset sends one MIDI note for triggering clips in Ableton Live, Mainstage, etc.
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