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Vintage Revolution: PedalPro EX
Vintage Revolution PedalPro EX

Testreport in Gitarre & Bass 07/2018 Page 114-116 !!!

If you are interested in a High-End analog modelling amplifier, this is the HOLY GRAIL !!

The PedalPro Ex includes all the features of the standard Pedalpro plus a reverb DSP, a new distortion section, parametriq EQ, 8 band EQ, optical volume tremolo, four-wire-cable method and much more.

Analog Effects: Compressor, Boost, Distortion, Lead1 und Lead2 , Noisegate, Tremolo, Phaser, 2 independent Filters, Wah, Level, Chorus, Flanger, Vibe, Delay with 614 ms,analog Mixer

Digital Effects: Digital Reverb and Delay - DSP algorithms:Medium Hall, Big Hall, Room, Church, Reverse, Gated, Chapel, Spring, *Double delay*, *Single delay*, *Four taps delay*, *Triplet delay*, *Plate reverb*, *Spring Reverb*,
*Hall reverb*, *Free reverb*

New Additional Key features:

- CORE & DSP: high performance main processor + 24 bits audio codec and DSP
- Emphasiser: programmable gain with low and high tones controls, +parametriq EQ used to shape your guitar tone before entering the distortion or your clean sound. Parameters: frequency, emphasis/de-emphasis level and 4 resonance levels.
- Distortion: 8 types of classic diode distortion, jfet distortion, cascade of any diode distortion with jfet distortion, transistor fuzz distortion
- 8 bands parametriq EQs: 50Hz, 100Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz
- Optical tremolo/volume (swelling)
- 4 cable method including buffer, attenuator control and amp out control

User Manual

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