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 DMC-4 Gen 2 4-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input
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Disaster Area
DMC-4 Gen2 4-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input
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Disaster Area: DMC-4 Gen2 4-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input
DMC-4 Gen2 4-Button MIDI Control with Expression Input


One MIDI cable is required for each MIDI device you wish to control. No MIDI cables are included, but they are available separately from our online store.

The DMC-4 Gen2 is an ideal companion for your pedalboard MIDI devices, combining intuitive program navigation, looper control, and user-definable presets into one small package.

The user can determine which modes are enabled, so only the controls you need will be used.

Scrolling Modes A, B, and C – program up + down for a single MIDI device, including bypass and fast program scrolling

Looper Modes 1, 2, and 3 – looper transport (play / record / stop,) looper FX (half-speed and reverse,) and looper level (volume fade / swell.)

Preset Mode – store up to 24 user presets, combining different patches on all of your devices.

The DMC-4 Gen2 also features a comprehensive Setup Mode allowing the user to determine the assignment of the expression input or roller, which modes are enabled, and the types of MIDI devices that are connected.

Full MIDI Control Support for the following devices:
Strymon: Timeline, Mobius, BigSky
Eventide: H9, Space, Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor
Line 6: M5, M9 (also supports M13 but not all 48 scenes are available.)
Chase Bliss: Warped Vinyl, Wombtone

General MIDI: Supports most MIDI devices, sends program changes 0-127 and MIDI CC for tap tempo, expression, and performance switch controls.

The rear-panel expression pedal input is able to control expression, looper volume level, activate a favorite preset or the infinite repeat / freeze, or send tap tempo. An optional side roller is available, which may be used to control expression or looper volume level. The side roller defeats the rear panel jack if used.

The fourth button on the DMC-4 Gen2 may be assigned to control one of the following: Tap tempo, favorite preset, freeze / infinite, or the tuner on the H9.

Either the expression input or the fourth button can be assigned to control any combination of MIDI devices. Set up the fourth button for latching freeze to your BigSky, and the expression input for tap on your Timeline!

The expression input may also function as a MIDI output. Use a standard TRS cable to connect to the Empress Phaser or Tremolo2, or a reverse-polarity cable to connect to the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl or Wombtone. The Disaster Area TRS to MIDI Adaptor Cable also allows the expression input to function as a standard 5-pin MIDI output.

Sturdy cast aluminum enclosure
Enclosure Dimensions 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.18″
Soft-touch footswitches
Blue LED display with 4 brightness levels
8-pin MIDI port, phantom power compatible
9vDC power jack, 64mA max
USB port with USB-MIDI functionality
USB-MIDI is class-compliant and requires no drivers on Mac, Windows, or Linux
USB-MIDI is iPad compatible with the Camera Connection Kit
USB-MIDI acts as MIDI interface for your Mac, PC, iPad – MIDI transmits from computer or iPad to 5-pin jack.
Works as a USB MIDI interface for updating firmware on most MIDI devices
1/4″ jack for expression pedal or tap tempo switch
Optional side roller assignable to expression or looper level

User Manual

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