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 The Scream Overdrive
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VFE Pedals
The Scream Overdrive
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VFE Pedals: The Scream Overdrive
The Scream Overdrive

THE SCREAM is based on an overdrive pedal so ubiquitous that there’s probably one in your grandmother’s basement. Countless derivatives have been made from this core circuitry just by changing a few components. Our design allows you to re-create these sounds and find countless new ones with just the twist of a knob. Version 2 features our original HCC circuitry for new shades of tonal bliss.

Enclosure dimensions: 2.37"W x 4.37"L x 1.16"H (60 x 111 x 29mm)
With knobs & jacks: 2.6"W x 4.4"L x 2.1"H (66 x 111 x 53mm)
Standard 2.1mm, negative-tip 9V to 18V power supply or 9V battery.

100K to 1M (set via internal trimpot)

~10ma continous
+30ma surge for 4ms during on/off switching

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