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 Ampete 444/FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System
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Ampete 444 FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System
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Ampete: Ampete 444 FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System
Ampete 444 FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System

The Ampete 444 can switch and route with MIDI PC and MIDI CC up to 4 different Amplifiers to
4 different speaker-cabs (the ohm-capacities must match). You can also integrate and connect up
to 4 FX-Loops (Send/Return) from up to 4 amplifiers. One (1) FX-Insert for your effects/multieffects
is also integrated to the "Ampete 444" in order to route your effects in between preamp and
power-amplifier. This FX-Insert allows you to implement your lovely effect or in combination with
an external Looper/Switcher your lovely effects-chain.

The Features are:
-route and switch up to 4 Amplifiers tu up to 4 speakercabs (up to 2 at once)
- Connections for up to 4 FX-Loops (amplifier Send/Return) from up to 4 amplifiers
-1 x Master FX-Loop for looping in your effects (FX-Insert is located in between amplifier´s preamp and poweramp) - so you can use your effects for all 4 amplifiers !!
-shoose and switch to 4 different speaker cabs (2 speaker cabs at once also possible)
-amplifier and speakercab selection with NO sound degradation , switching noise and latency
-100% safety guarantee for your amplifiers
-Line out to drive separate power-amps
- buffured and unbuffered inputs
-feed thrue jacks for easy wiring in the rack
-easy handling and programming over the frontpanel LED buttons
-MIDI programmable (with PC und CC)
-Dimensions: 19"/2 HE
-only high quality parts are used
-Made in Germany

Ampete 444 FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System · Little Helper

The Ampete 444 fx is the first in a series of Amp and Cabinet Switching Systems that gonna change the game!

The Spyder is the first complete switching solution right out of the box. If you are a well equipped guitarist and sound enthusiast, a touring Pro Musician, a Studio Engineer, or just a gearfreak as we are - who’s not willing to swap his beloved tube amps against one of those soulless, simulating, digital boxes out there - this surely is the missing piece in your arsenal!

Don’t read any further if you are looking for a handy all-in-one amplifier.

If you have several amps and cabs, and love them all for a reason? Let´s say ...that Boogie for the rich and chimy clean sound, that Friedman for the tight and overwhelming rhythm, that Diezel for its heavy chunk and that Bogner for that singing leads... that open 2x12 for bringing out the best of your clean sound, those 4x12 Greenbacks out of your crunch, don´t wanna miss that aggression of those V30´s or the extra bit of flavour of those Scumbags? The Ampete Spyder let you switch between any of those combinations with a flip of a switch!

Choose from any of the 4 capable Heads (1 at a time), combine it any of the 4 capable Cabs (up to 2 at a time).

If you know what "GAS" is, if Bob isn´t just a name for you, if you ever tried to spell Skrydstrup correctly, or ever realized a dried mouth after hours of watching pictures of Friedman built Racks and Pedalboards, you probably saw some of the most advanced and impressing Rigs... The Ampete Spyder is your chance to get Amp-Part of the fun, right out of the box!

Some reactions:

Dave Friedman of Rack Systems and Friedman Amplification: "This is the coolest thing I EVER saw!"

Chris at ENGL Amplification: "Great tool, gonna use it to compare the different design stages for new amplifiers!"

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