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 NODE 4-Loop MIDI PedalBoard Switch
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Molten Voltage
NODE 4-Loop MIDI PedalBoard Switch
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Molten Voltage: NODE 4-Loop MIDI PedalBoard Switch
NODE 4-Loop MIDI PedalBoard Switch

NODE™ is a programmable 4-loop MIDI audio switcher that stores and recalls the bypass status of four (4) isolated effect loops.

NODE works with all major MIDI controllers, including Rocktron MIDI Raider, Rocktron Midi Xchange, Rocktron MidiMate, VooDoo Lab Ground Control Pro, Behringer FCB-1010, Tech 21 MIDI Mouse, Tech 21 MIDI Moose, Diezel Columbus Midi Pedalboard, Mastermind GT, Fractal MFC-101, Nobels MF-2, Keith McMillen SoftStep, and the PedalSync MASTER CONTROL.
Make your PedalBoard Modular - Don"t bring your whole PedalBoard everywhere you go - bring only the Nodules you need for a gig!
Automating your PedalBoard has never been easier!

Key Features:

-4-Loop Relay Bypass, MIDI-controlled switching module for robust, scalable pedalboard designs
-Proprietary ReMute™ circuit virtually eliminates switching noise without sacrificing audio quality
-Stores and recalls bypass status of 4 isolated audio loops
-Robust, 128 program storage
-Simple to program - toggle a switch!
-PedalSync technology allows remote, synchronized self-programming when used with MASTER CONTROL or TEMPODE
-Scalable - combine NODEs like building blocks to make elaborate designs with an unlimited number of loops
-MIDI Thru repeater for boosting the MIDI signal and re-transmitting it downstream
-Tough, road-ready construction, including Riveted Steel Panel-Mount MIDI Jacks
-True-bypass loops allow use of vintage pedals while leaving them all-original
-Easy to see pedal status at a glance with the bright LED display
-Power-on light show
-Simple, intuitive user interface
-Compact design assists discrete modular pedalboard construction
-Compatible with all major MIDI controllers, including Voodoo Lab Ground Control and Behringer FCB1010

NODE is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 100mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 100mA.
Dimensions: 8.3" (211mm) Wide x 4.9" (125mm) Deep x 2.3" (59mm) Tall
Bomb-proof design ensures flawless functioning. Road-ready MIDI Machinery™.

Hand built in Oregon, USA by Molten Voltage.

User Manual
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