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SoundsSculpture user: Chris Squire, Dweezil Zappa, Robert Fripp and many more Check it out
 Switchblade 8F
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Switchblade 8F
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SoundSculpture: Switchblade 8F
Switchblade 8F

The Switchblade 8F is packed with features not available with any other switching system on the market. Read the following list to get an idea of all the ways you can use this powerful system.

-All analog audio path with superb audio quality and silent preset changes
-Top quality buffers on each input and each output to overcome cable and effect deficiencies.
-Route effects in series (in any order), in parallel, or in complex series/parallel combinations on a preset by preset basis.
-Select combinations of instruments and amps and select among them, combine them, or separate them into independent systems on a preset by preset basis.
-Program fixed gain levels from -48dB to 0dB at every input to output connection (not just the inputs or outputs) for complete control over effect level ratios and overall gains on a preset by preset basis.
-Assign up to 8 controllers to any individual or groups of input-output connections on a preset by preset basis and control the levels of these connections or groups of connections in real time.
-Assign MIDI Control Change messages, the two expression pedal inputs, or up to 3 Autosweeps (LFO function) to any of the 8 available controllers mentioned above.
-Control the switching of the channel and reverb on your amp either on a preset by preset basis or directly using MIDI using the 2 internal contact closure relays.
-Select presets using a MIDI controller or a triple footswitch connected to the footswitch input.
-Use the triple footswitch input to scroll through presets, select presets randomly using a Preset Manager function, boost/cut gains, tap tempo all 3 Autosweeps, toggle relay functions, transmit up to 4 on/off Control Change messages to external effects, or normalize preset levels.
-Use the Switchblade as a MIDI controller to transmit Program Change, on/off Control Change, and continuous Control Change messages to additional MIDI devices.
-Use Control Change on/off messages (instant access switches) to intelligently remove and re-inset effects, instruments, and amps within a preset using the Smart Insert feature.
-Monitor each input level using the VU meter function.
-Easily copy presets to other preset locations
-USB ready for programming and remote control (when available).
The Switchblade 8F was designed around a versatile open architecture that allows an imaginative array of different ways to create simple or complex systems expanding your rig in ways you never dreamed. As you familiarize yourself with the Switchblade you may find yourself asking "Can I do this?" and chances are, now you can. Below are some examples to get you started. This is by no means an exhaustive list.
-Create presets that wire effects together in different ways then switch between presets to do A/B comparisons to find out whether an effect sounds best before or after another effect or in parallel instead of series.
-Connect any number of amps to your system and switch between them or combine them, setting the levels going to each amp independently. Changing presets changes your amp selections and levels.
-Connect any number of instruments and select between them by changing presets or using instant access switches, or select several instruments simultaneously to allow several musicians to share effects
-Add a microphone preamp to the system to share your effects among your vocals and instruments.
-Use the Smart insert feature to select instruments, amps, and effects for unprecedented control when using looping devices to create multiple layers of effects and vocals.
-Use an expression pedal to increase the drive on the input of an overdrive (from any start gain to any end gain) while simultaneously lowering the output level (between any other start and end gain) to increase overdrive while decreasing the output level at the same time. Do the same thing with a delay to increase your delay presence as the volume decreases.
-Connect a dry bypass in parallel with any effect or group of effects to change the wet/dry ratio under preset or expression pedal control.
-Connect the output of a delay to several effects in series and connect the output of that series back into the delay input to create effect buildup with each echo.
-Use the 3 available Autosweeps (LFOs) to cross fade between separate networks of effects for a super tremolo type sound with a changing tone during each sweep cycle. Each Autosweep can be set to its own time offering up to 3 tremolos which can be placed anywhere in the effect network.
-Combine magnetic/piezo/and MIDI synth signals from your guitar on a preset or continuous basis.
-Use the Autosweep One Shot Switch to change presets automatically at the end of a single sweep to endlessly splice together presets for massive dynamic sound changes.

Dimensions: 23,5 cm x 10,9 cm x 5,0 cm
Weight: 0,735 Kg
Power Consumption: 9VDC 250mA using a 2.1mm connector. Either polarity (positive center or negative center) can be used.

User Manual

Winblade Software

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