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 Switchblade GL
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Switchblade GL
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SoundSculpture: Switchblade GL
Switchblade GL

Switchblade GL - 16x16 and packed with features for Guitarists

This is the ultimate system for guitar or synth racks and studio applications where standard instrument level effects processors are used. This system has 16 inputs and 16 outputs, all servo balanced so you can connect both balanced and unbalanced equipment including rack gear, floor stomp boxes, amplifiers, keyboards, and passive instruments. The high impedance inputs (1 MW) allow direct connections of passive instruments such as guitars and dynamic microphones without loading for maximum transparency. A -6dB trim control can be individually switched in on any of the inputs to allow handling of higher level signal processors and pickups. Four additional relay based outputs (footswitch simulators) are included for switching amp channel and reverb under preset control.


If you use multiple effects, instruments, or amps, you need a switching system to unite your gear into a single, easy-to-manage rig. Fact: it takes a variety of top products to get the best of all possible sounds. The Sound Sculpture Switchblade puts all of your gear--from simple stomp boxes or the most complex processor--under the control of one all-powerful interconnected brain. A switching system is the only way to create a consolidated rig.

No other product outperforms the Switchblade or offers the same degree of control, flexibility, and power. It preserves the purity and integrity of your tone--even IMPROVES it, as unused effects are entirely removed from the signal path instead of just switched off.

All Switchblade models offer features and functions that are deep yet simple to use. With multiple user presets storable in memory, you can create a path through any number of connected devices, for instant recall whenever needed.

The Switchblade even allows midi control of levels so you can build in variations like pan and volume for use with a pedal, sequencer, or other midi source.

Tap the power to instantly wire, rewire, mix, mute, bypass, blend, split, merge, re-arrange--and more, in mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, or you-name-it. The Switchblade changes everything: flexible, powerful, programmable, midi controllable, all in a single rack space, and at a fraction of the price you"d expect for such a product.

Switchblade Introduction

User´s Manual

Winblade Software

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