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 No. 83 Fuzz
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El Musico Loco
No. 83 Fuzz
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El Musico Loco: No. 83 Fuzz
No. 83 Fuzz

This pedal has been a labor of love and it has turned out very lovely. I think the inspiration to revive this monster was seeing one of the rare originals on
EffectsDataBase and becoming intrigued by the layout and styling of this beauty. I instantly saw it in one of the pedalenclosures YY boxes and from there it all fell into place. These are my first side-etched cases too and I think it compliments the retro styling that is reminiscent of the original but these pedals just look great.

After much research with Bart and Lord Riffenstein of an original pedal we have come up with a winner. I see why the engineers liked this circuit enough to toss it out to the public but it never really caught on thus making the originals so hard to find.

Here what Lord Riffenstein had to say ove at the EffectsDataBase web page.

One odd trait of the original No. 83 Fuzz is that the Fuzz Depth pot runs straight to ground so when it is all the way down it acts like a volume knob and shorts the circuit to ground completely turning the signal off. I have kept the design this way for sake or originality so realize it it not a problem with the box. It was just designed that way.

As with all my pedals these will be done one or two at a time and each will have it’s own personality. I always use the best parts I can find and will always be using and experimenting with different parts so what you have will be a hand built and ear tuned unique pedal.

Soundclip 1
Soundclip 2

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