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 Subzero 60
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MLC Mark L Custom
Subzero 60
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MLC Mark L Custom: Subzero 60
Subzero 60

Mark L Custom Amplifiers are handmade in Poland with a use of the highest quality components such as MALLORY and F+T capacitors, metalized film resistors, custom handmade transformers, PVC coated copper wire, NEUTRIK jacks, APEM switch, OMRON and BELTON tube sockets, ALPHA pots and TUNG SOL tubes.

MLC SUBZERO 60 features:
output power 55 watt
3 channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead)
CLEAN – volume, tone control (American clean sound "Twin")
CRUNCH – volume, gain control ("PLEXI" late-80"s & early 90"s British sound )
LEAD – volume, gain control (hot-rodded "PLEXI" late-80"s & early 90"s British sound)
common tone regulation ( Bass, Middle, Treble) for both channels Crunch & Lead
master or non master volume
FOCUS ( presence level for all channel )
4-way channel switch
EDGE (Deep) - adds extra bottom, especially useful for 2x12 cabinets
speaker outputs ( 2 x 4 ohm, 2 x 8 ohm, 1 x 16 ohm )
2 x EL34 TUNG SOL power tubes with "Plexi" output transformer
5 x 12AX7 TUNG SOL preamp tubes
EL34/6L6 BIAS selector
CC MIDI control (Clean, Crunch, Lead, FX Loop, Mute )
midi channel switch
ultra transparent and buffered FX loop
FX loop SEND optimized for WET/DRY/WET systems
dimensions (width x depth x height) 660 x 240 x 320
weight - 22 kg

Product Upgrades:
Short Midi Footswitch (Clean, Crunch, Lead, FX Loop) - 30,00€
Midi Controller FX25ACE - 565,00€
Custom Black Face - 150,00€
Custom Tolex - 50,00€
Custom wooden case - 200,00€
Flight case - 180,00€
MLC 1m premium speaker cable - 30,00€
MLC 8m MOGAMI guitar cable - 60,00€

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