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 Jetdrive Dual V2 Overdrive
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Jetter Gear
Jetdrive Dual V2 Overdrive
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Jetter Gear: Jetdrive Dual V2 Overdrive
Jetdrive Dual V2 Overdrive

This dual channel overdrive pedal features two uniquely voiced overdrive pedals in one that can be run independently or cascaded together for a myriad of great tones. The Blue channel is a thick, gritty overdrive with very present low end and a solid rhythm chunk. The Green channel is closer to a low gain boost pedal with a very transparent sound and a low gain overdrive when pushed. When cascaded together, the two channels can be set up for soaring lead, crisp clear rhythm or just the right amount of push to add overtones and harmonics. The Jetter Jetdrive was created to enhance your tone while providing tons of possibilities, perfect for any guitarist in any situation.
Jetter Jetdrive V2

The Jetter Jetdrive is built with the same high quality components and attention to tone as the rest of the Jetter line. Each channel was voiced differently to give the Jetdrive more possibilities when the two are cascaded. The Blue channel can be used to dial in a great rhythm tone while using the Green channel to add some more sustain and grit for a super fat lead sound. Or the Green channel can be used to create your lightly overdriven rhythm tone and the Blue channel used to boost the signal into the front end of the Green channel. Beginning to see the possibilities? Jetter also designed the Jetdrive to have a very usable tone control by limiting its range to the specific frequencies that make the most difference on electric guitar. This means no muddy lows and spiky highs, just pure bliss all through the range. The two tone controls on the Jetter Jetdrive are very interactive when cascaded bringing more possibilities to the mix. In short, the Jetter Jetdrive has more tonal possibilities than most overdrives on the market and enough versatility to work in almost any situation.

Jetter Jetdrive V2 Features:

-More Gain on Each Channel for V2
-True Bypass
-Two Independently Voiced Channels
-9vdc (with optional power supply) or Battery Operation

User Manual

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