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 The Chameleon
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The Chameleon
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HipKitty: The Chameleon
The Chameleon

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The Chameleon is an extremely flexible booster/distortion pedal. It was originally designed as a clean boost for an artist that wanted to keep the tone of his Marshall* amp, but wanted a boost pedal for his solos. In order to keep his preamp tone intact, it was originally built to go in line with the amp"s effect send and return section (Don’t let this mislead you, this pedal is very well suited to be plugged inline before your amp). Along with the volume boost, the Chameleon can change into a simple overdrive or a medium gain distortion pedal. The Harmonic Blend Control is unique in the Chameleon. It blends in the 2nd order harmonics giving a warm, tube-like sound and 3rd order harmonics giving the sound more clarity or points in between.

Controls include “Distortion”, “Harmonics” and “Volume”. These provide a wide range of sounds; depending on how the controls are set.

A LED light indicates when the unit is in use. The Chameleon can be powered through its 9-volt power jack, or by way of 9-volt battery power.

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