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CRUX Die lang erwartete Erweiterung für das DC7 für 9 und 12 Volt Pedale mit großem mA-Hunger !! CIOKS CRUX is the ultimate add-on to CIOKS DC7 if you are using a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, a Line 6 HX-series pedal or another power-hungry 9V or 12V multi-effects pedal. Simply connect the CRUX to the 24V outlet on DC7, set the correct voltage on CRUX, connect the appropriate CIOKS Flex cable from CRUX to your multi-effect pedal and you are good to go. Using CRUX frees up the outlets on DC7 that would otherwise be needed to run these devices (for instance four for a Neural DSP Quad Cortex and two outlets for a Line HX Stomp), allowing you to run more pedals along with your multi-effects device. CRUX therefore provides a simpler, more reliable setup and gives you more options for connecting additional pedals. Features -Converts the 24V aux outlet on DC7 into a powerful 9 or 12V outlet with a total power of 24W -Powers a Neural DSP Quad Cortex with DC7 saving you 4 outlets on the DC7 -Overload and short circuit protected outlet -Overvoltage protected outlet protecting your equipment -CIOKS CRUX has the same 1-inch profile (25,4mm) as CIOKS DC7 -Compatible with CIOKS MiniGRIP for drill-free mounting underneath Pedaltrain boards* -One 24V DC Link cable included -Two Flex cables included -Designed in Denmark, assembled in Poland -5-year worldwide warranty Specifications -Input: 24V DC -Output: 9V DC / 2700 mA or 12V DC /2000 mA -Total output power: max. 24W Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 24VDC Center Negativ

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