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Diamond Pedals


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Diamond Pedals DRIVE

DRIVE J-Drive Reborn Soaked to the bone in legendary Diamond DNA, the new generation Diamond DRIVE is built on a foundation of signature drive and EQ soundblocks. Distilling the most desirable and functional elements from the almighty J-Drive, Blaze, and Fireburst pedals, the Diamond Drive combines a warm and wide-ranging overdrive built around a Premium Sound Burr-Brown Op-amp with a dual band, post-gain active EQ. Features: -Overdrive Effects Pedal -Original Diamond J-Drive Style Gain Circuit with Burr Brown Integrated Circuit -Dual Band Active Post-gain Baxandall EQ inspired by the Diamond Fireburst Fuzz -Selectable warm switch for soft treble shelving filter -Soft-touch, True Bypass switching and top-mounted jacks -Hand-made in Montreal, Canada The new Diamond Drive was designed to nail the most demanding sessions. The Warm toggle will tame an overly bright amp or give your tone just the right amount of cream, while the wide-ranging Bass, Treble, and Drive controls will deliver anything from a touch of hair to amp-sizzling overdrive. Sculpt your driven tones to perfection. Housed in a compact enclosure with top jacks, 9-18V DC operation and soft-touch relay based true bypass switching system, the Diamond Drive might finally be the last overdrive you’ll need. Benötigt: 9-18VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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