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 Black ReKoil
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Black ReKoil

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Keyztone Black ReKoil

Black ReKoil CONVERT SINGLE COILS INTO HUMBUCKER - A SHOT OF POWER FOR YOUR SINGLE COIL The Black ReKoil has been made to convert single coil pickups into humbucker pickup. It will give you a loud and warm tone with powerful mids and basses. Fit perfeclty for heavy distorsion and rich and round clean. WELL-REASONED CONCEPTION AND COST CONTROL -Plug and Play -Only one rule: Put the pedal after guitar before any other devices -A true bypass to get your original sound and a gain knob to boost/attenuate the signal -Fully made in France -Natural 3D printed cover and knob -Weight reduces to 90 grams -Optimized electronic for limiting active components -Reduced packaging Benötigt: 9-18VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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