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Foxrox Electronics


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Foxrox Electronics Octron4

Octron4 OCTRON4 is an expanded version of the Foxrox Octron3 pedal. It has the same features with the addition of 3 foot switches for activating signals. The Octave DOWN section includes the ability to dial in sub-octave sounds. OCTRON4 IS AN ANALOG OCTAVE PEDAL - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A DIGITAL OCTAVE PEDAL. SWITCHING: TRUE BYPASS is handled by the foot switch on the top level. Blue LED is lit up when activated. SIGNAL ACTIVATION SWITCHES: The three lower foot switches control relays that turn the signals on and off and they correspond with the level controls. LEFT: Octave UP. Yellow LED shows status. CENTER: Direct. Red LED shows status. RIGHT: Octave DOWN and SUB, combined. Green LED shows status. SUB: Creates a note more than one octave below the note you play. DIVIDE BY 4: Two octaves below the note you play. DIVIDE BY 3: One octave, plus a fourth below the note you play. Play E, and you get a very low A. Features: -DIRECT LEVEL: Controls the level of the direct signal while the pedal is activated. -OCTAVE UP LEVEL: Controls the level of the Octave UP signal. -BRIGHT/PURE SWITCH: Selects between a bright sound, rich in harmonics, and a darker sound with a more pure upper octave. -OCTAVE DOWN LEVEL: Controls the level of the Octave DOWN. -SUB LEVEL: Controls level of SUB. -SUB DIVIDE 3 / 4: Select SUB for one and a half octaves down, or two octaves down. -MIDS/LO SWITCH: Selects between a mid-boost and a super-fat low end. Setting applies to both Octave DOWN and SUB signals. -INPUT JACK: 1/4" stereo jack. Disconnect Input to shut off battery. -OUTPUT JACK: 1/4" stereo jack. A stereo jack is used to maintain equal tension. The main board, shown here with the daughter board plugged in, has the input stage, the octave UP circuitry, and the mixing/output circuitry. It uses a set of relays which are controlled by the 3 foot switches on the front of the pedal. Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 9-18VDC 100mA Center Negativ

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