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Walrus Audio


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Walrus Audio Badwater

Badwater -Walrus Audio’s first bass-specific product – several years in the making to get it 100% right -Designed to be the one and only pedal, bassists need to bring to the gig or to the studio -All-in-one preamp that features (signal chain order): opto-compressor, engagable drive, 4-band EQ, volume, DI Out -Opto-compressor is always-on but “strength” is adjustable: from “minimal effect” to long sustained notes with smooth transients -Drive function can be activated via dedicated footswitch. 3 different drive textures selectable. -Shape your own, individual “perfect bass tone” by defning Low-Mid frequency (sweep between 500 Hz to 2.4 kHz) and High-Mid frequency (sweep between 3.5kHz to 7.5kHz) -XLR DI Output with Ground Lift option to safely connect to the PA or your recording interface Features -All-in-one bass pre-amp and DI -Versatile and powerful tone sculpting tool for bassists of all styles -Features optical compression, overdrive and a 4-band EQ section -Optical comppression for smooth, added sustain -Blendable drive control with 3 different voicing options -Engange drive-option via dedicated footswitch -4-band EQ: Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid, High (+/- 12 dB boost/cut for Low and High and +/- 10dB boost/cut for Low-Mid and High-Mid) -LMF = 500 Hz to 2.4 kHz • HMF = 3.5 kHz to 7.5 kHz -XLR D.I. output to connect straight to FOH -Jack output to run to an amp -Run both outs simulateneously for direct PA and amp stage monitoring -GND Lift: Isolates GND pin on XLR to reduce hum -Dual Footswitch Design: Bypass and Drive -Matte black enclosure with muted green and teal ink -Art inspired by the Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park -GND Lift: Isolates GND pin on XLR to reduce hum -Made in the USA Description The Badwater is a bass tone magnification device sonically highlighting what makes bass so crucial to music. The all-in-one bass pre-amp and DI features optical compression, overdrive, and a four-band EQ section. Enhance your bass rig’s capabilities and dial in everything from warm cleans, gritty chords, punchy drive, or bright and crisp slap sounds. Sustain The Badwaterfeatures an internal optical compressor. It’s first in the signal path and is always on, though its strength is adjustable. Use the Sustain knob to add compression for long sustained notes and chords while smoothing out your transients. At a minimum, you will have a minimal effect, but as you increase the knob, you will hear more extended notes and squashed transients. Drive Control Give your sound some teeth by adding a subtle breakup or a tastefully driven distortion. Use the Voice toggle to select one of three options for how much low and high-frequency content is allowed into the drive section, then use the Blend knob to blend between your fully clean and fully distorted signal. Blend your clean and driven signal to taste for increased note clarity as the clean and dirty channels run parallel. The drive control also features a separate Level knob to boost or cut the drive signal. Shaping and EQ Cover just about any musical genre needs with the extensive EQ options from the Badwater. Dial in your base tone with boost/cut low, mid, and high frequencies, then zero in on your perfect tone by sweeping between 500 Hz to 2.4k Hz with the Low Mid Frequency knob (LMF) or 3.5k Hz to 7.5k Hz on the High Mid Frequency knobs (HMF). XLR Out Badwater features both 1/4 inch and XLR out options, so you’re always ready with a usable bass rig. Use the XLR to connect directly to the front-of-house or use the 1/4 inch out to run to and amp. Both outputs can be run simultaneously for direct and live amp stagemonitoring. The Badwater Does not accept power from phantom power. Phantom power will be blocked out and not damage the Badwater, but it is best to avoid turning on phantom power when the unit is connected. Benötigt: 9VDC 300mA Center Negativ

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